Over $10 Million in Gold Stolen From Residents and Businesses in Mobile Alabama

MOBILE, Al – Police are reporting that over $10 million in gold was stolen from residents and businesses in the Mobile area overnight last night.

Local police were flooded with calls citing robberies this morning as residents awoke to missing jewelry. Later many local businesses reported missing gold including jewelry stores, pawn shops, and office buildings using gold accents.

“We have never seen a widespread robbery like this,” Mobile police chief┬áDaniel O’Grady tells us. “It seems to have impacted everyone. My wife and I even had our wedding rings stolen from our fingers in the middle of the night. There seems to have been no alarms triggered or alerts set off. We only have a couple of eye witnesses who claim to have seen the thief, who reportedly disappeared when light was shone in his direction.”

The eye witnesses both produced an amateur sketch of what they saw that looked very similar to the famous Leprechaun seen in the Crichton neighborhood of Mobile in 2006.

The Leprechaun, seen in the video below, became famous after residents of the Crichton area began seeing him during the night in the area. Crichton was the only area of Mobile un-impacted by last night’s robberies, leading some to believe that the community’s friendly treatment of the creature spared the residents.

“It appears the people in Crichton were right, we do have a Leprechaun in the area,” O’Grady says. “It clearly has been canvasing the area over the past decade and made his move last night. We are searching every tree in Crichton, but chances are he is long gone and moved on to another community by now.”


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Over $10 Million in Gold Stolen From Residents and Businesses in Mobile Alabama