Up to 14 “moons” Visible Across the Southern United States Tonight


Leading astronomers from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock have concluded that up to 14 moons will be visible over the southern United States tonight.

This unusual event is possible because of the close proximity of Mars that will produce what appears to be a second moon in the sky tonight. This event coincides with a very unusual atmospheric condition that is occurring over the southern US already tonight.

“What we will see is the light from both the moon and Mars begin bouncing off of each other,” UALR Dean of Science Edward Lacey tell us. “The jet stream is positioned over the south in such a way that it will pull in clouds from Canada that are as many as 7 layers high. When the light begins to reverberate between the cloud layers and reflect off of each other we could see each light source replicated as many as 7 times each. This will cause the appearance of 14 moons in the sky tonight.”

Astronomers say that the event is unprecedented in history and the right conditions for this will likely not happen again for another 13 million years. Some of the moons may appear hazy through the cloud coverage, but should still be visible.

The phenomenon should be visible from 12:05 – 12:15 a.m. tonight. The highest point of intensity will be across Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida where a larger concentration of people influenced by Mike Huckabee exist.




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Up to 14 “moons” Visible Across the Southern United States Tonight