22 People Arrested After Bar Fight Over Disagreement About Real Football

LITTLE ROCK – Police responded to a call to Vino’s BrewPub after a large fight erupted during the USA v Germany World Cup game today.

Witnesses say the fight started shortly before halftime of the game when a group of men entered the restaurant to eat lunch. While in line a supervisor told the group that a football game was on in the backroom if they wanted to watch.

“I thought it was a little early for pre-season football, but I admit I pay more attention to college ball,” Jim Green, a patron involved in the incident, tells us. “We walked into the back and I saw that it was some soccer game, not a football game. A friend of mine commented about how he expected a real football game. He exchanged a few heated words with some skinny boy about what real football really is. Next thing I know the kid bit him on the shoulder. I guess things escalated quickly from there.”

In all Vinos staff estimate that over 80 people were involved in the fight at the peak around the time that Germany scored their goal. Most of those involved left the scene as police arrived.

Of those arrested, 9 were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, mostly to the shins and foreheads.Vino’s managers estimate that they received $10,000 in total damage to the bar area including all televisions and several walls after the American-style football fans attempted to tackle the opposing fans.

“It was the most offended I have ever been as a true football fan,” arrested soccer fan, Alexi Dempsey tells us. “Our formal football started in the 1860s, but it dates back to the ninth century. Besides, they do not even use their feet. So I head butted a few people and tried out a few sliding tackles.”

Police say another small fight broke out in while taking those involved into custody after word began spreading that the USA team won by losing 0-1.


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22 People Arrested After Bar Fight Over Disagreement About Real Football