38 Bryant Football Players Suspended from Salt Bowl for Selling Autographs


The Bryant High School today announced that 38 football players have been suspended for tonight’s game against rival Benton High School at War Memorial Stadium. The players, including 9 offensive starters and all 11 defensive starters, were found to have sold autographs in exchange for gifts from a local business.

An investigation from the Arkansas Athletic Association found that the 38 players were approached by Browns Country Store and Restaurant in Saline County to exchange autographs for gifts. Gifts included free buffets meals, over $500 in candy from the candy shop, and over 100 temporary tattoos from the gift shop.

“We are extremely disappointed in the judgment of these 16-18 year old kids,” Bryant Athletic Director Mike Lee tells us. “We had noticed a number of the kids eating those huge jawbreaker candies sold by Browns over the past several weeks, and even more covered in temporary tattoos. I hope that these kids can learn their lesson by sitting out this game so they can go to college and become a quality football player, maybe even win a Heisman.”

The athletic department said there are no plans at the moment to reprimand head coach Paul Calley, who according to sources, frequently took the team to Browns Restaurant. As of this morning however a statue outside of the stadium of Calley was removed and placed in an off campus storage unit.

Bryant School District has enacted an emergency district restructuring that would move most of Benton’s football team into Bryant School District before kick off time.



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38 Bryant Football Players Suspended from Salt Bowl for Selling Autographs