5 Injured at Buffett concert after Hoveraround traffic accident

Vehicle from the accident

Five people are injured and one person is missing after a traffic accident involving 35 Hoveraround scooters trying to enter Thursday night’s Jimmy Buffett concert at Verizon Arena. Witnesses say the accident happen when 86 year old Jane Montgomery fell asleep while waiting in the handicap entrance to the arena and hit the joystick on her Hoveraround. The scooter moved forward slamming into and pushing the other 34 concert goers in front of her into walls, elevators and ticket personnel.

The injured individuals were transported to various local hospitals and nursing care facilities. None of the injuries were life threatening and consisted mostly of fractured hips. Most hospital officials we were able to interview stated that they expected their patients to be released in 3-7 days with follow up water aerobic treatments for 3 months thereafter.

When asked about the missing individual arena security said that he was not directly involved in the accident, but in the commotion stood up from his power chair and began to walk into the arena. Unconfirmed witness reports say they saw a man matching the description around the “Cheeseburger in Paradise” song in the upper deck wearing no clothes and questioning other concert attendees if they have seen a missing salt shaker.

Rock City Times contacted Mr. Buffett’s tour manager’s office who refused to comment on the situation, however the official did mumble “this happens every time…” as he was hanging up the phone.

We will bring you more details as they become available.


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5 Injured at Buffett concert after Hoveraround traffic accident