Acclaimed Director to Give Dinosaur Hunting Seminar

LITTLE ROCK– Academy Award winning director Steven Spielberg will make an appearance at Bass Pro Shops in Little Rock to offer a seminar on dinosaur hunting on July 30th.

Spielberg’s dinosaur hunting passion became known earlier this month after a photo of the director next to a fallen Triceratops became viral on the Internet. Hunting enthusiasts across the Natural State are expected to attend the informative seminar that will instruct them how to properly track, sight, and kill a variety of species of animals believed to have been extinct for over 65 million years.

In a recent press release, Spielberg said, “I’m really excited to get started on this new project of mine. Following the success of Jurassic Park, I wanted to share my passion for dinosaur hunting, but the public wasn’t quite ready for it at the time because they feared it would upset children who also loved the movie. I think there’s been enough time for those audiences to mature into gun-loving adults.”

Spielberg also mentioned that the seminar is timed perfectly with press photos for the newest installment of the movie franchise, Jurassic World, scheduled to release in theaters next summer.

Overall, Spielberg stresses that these dinosaur hunting seminars are to educate hunters on conservation efforts. “We want all nature lovers and dinosaur enthusiasts alike to enjoy these animals; hunting, trapping, and killing them will serve to improve their numbers for eons to come.”

For those interested in tickets to the event please call the Bass Pro Shops ticket office at 501-954-4500, or email the ticket office.


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Acclaimed Director to Give Dinosaur Hunting Seminar