Acxiom Suckers Everyone into Giving Up Their Data


Conway — Acxiom today announced that they now have the most complete data on more people in the world than any other data provider. This change, they say, comes in part by people posting on social networks incorrect attributes to Acxiom’s made up data.

Last week Acxiom, a Conway based company and largest provider of consumer data in the world, launched a consumer portal called Since launching a week ago AboutTheData has seen overwhelming attention serving up millions of individuals checking the accuracy of the data.

“When we decided to launch we had absolutely no clue about 99% of the stuff we listed. It was completely randomized,” Acxiom CEO Scott Howe tells us. “What we did have though was a strong connection between people and their social media accounts and a great software for mining data. Thanks America!”

Following the release of people took to social media complaining about the incorrect data that Acxiom had on them, and more often than not offering up the correction.

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Acxiom says that the combination of corrected data on social media and people entering their own corrections into has allow Acxiom to amass over 18 terabits worth of new information to add to their already existing data. According to Acxiom if you attempted to look up your information on and was unable to pull up your profile, the data they currently had was complete.

Acxiom says they have already seen a large return in the quality of data they are sending to advertisers. For instance they know better now that you like Miley Cyrus and you are over the age of 65, so expect your cheap Viagra spam to now include Miley Cyrus in the subject line instead of Betty White.


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Acxiom Suckers Everyone into Giving Up Their Data