Ad Agency Stone Ward Announces Move to Downtown Benton

Stone Ward, a Little Rock based advertising and communication agency, today announced plans to relocate their main River Market office to downtown Benton. They will occupy the space currently held by the Royal Theater on Market street.

This is the second major move this year by a Little Rock ad agency. Last month CJRW announced a move to Main Street in Little Rock. The move by Stone Ward is a strategic relocation that will allow future growth and visibility.

“The downtown Little Rock agency market is crowded,” Millie Ward, president of Stone Ward, tells us. “We began looking at locations that would allow for expansion and a way to separate us from the crowd. Benton offers untapped potential for an advertising agency, plus we can practically buy out all of their downtown for the value of our existing building if we ever need to expand.”

Signage on the Royal Theater location is already up, and Stone Ward expects the renovation process to take 3-6 months before operations will be able to fully transfer to the new location.

Stone Ward plans to keep many of the theater’s existing interior intact for the new office. Plans show for an open office concept utilizing the existing theater seating for office space. The current stage is expected to remain for corporate presentations and community plays.

“We want to continue to use this place as a community arts center,” Ward says. “Our art director Chris Kindrick is actually working on an original stage production involving some of our employees called The Man with the Giant Head that we hope to premier for our open house in the new location.”

Stone Ward tells us that they have no plans for their Chicago office, but may consider relocating it as well to Peoria Illinois if the move to Benton proves to be successful.


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Ad Agency Stone Ward Announces Move to Downtown Benton