Most Amazing in the Rock Run-Off Voting


Thank you all for submitting your nominations for Most Amazing in the Rock over the last two weeks. Several of the categories were very clear to us who should win, you all clearly have the same drug dealer for instance. Others were a little more murky.

So here is how we are handling this. Anything that captured at least 50% of the nominations automatically wins their category. No sense putting this up for vote only to have them crush someone again.

That left us with two big, very important categories that were toss ups. So we want you to vote on them.We put this up on facebook to vote, for the rest of you there are a couple of days left to vote. We used Facebook polls because it is easy, and universal. If you do not want to submit to the facebook poll just drop us a comment with your vote and we will add it to the total.

Most Amazing place to drown your sorrows (best drinks): This more than any other category reflected our true readers. In about a 40/40 split we had White Water Tavern vs Capital Bar and Grill. Trashy and Sloppy vs Sophisticated and Classy. We completely love you guys for picking these two. GO VOTE

Most Amazing Place to Get Smart: This is a much more subtle reflection of who we really are at Rock City. We started off with mostly political satire, and now we just go after everything. As a result, in a 35/35 split, you guys nominated UALR and UALR Bowen Law School. The rest of you just nominated a smattering of high schools, trade schools, and pole dancing classes. GO VOTE

Votes will be taken until 11:59 p.m. this Friday (June 7). We will announce all the winners next week.


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Most Amazing in the Rock Run-Off Voting