Archaeologists in Texarkana Find 1600 Year Old Mosaic that Resembles Mario

TEXARKANA, Ark – A group of archaeologists uncovered a mosaic depicting a man jumping that resembles the popular video game character Mario on Tuesday.

The archaeologists were studying ruins from the Caddo native American tribe that settled in the area between 200 b.c to 800 a.d.. Other items found in the area date to around 400 a.d. and it is believed that the mosaic is also from that time frame.

“To say we were shocked would be an understatement,” project team leader Bob Hoskins tells us. “When we started removing the dirt someone said ‘I think that is Mario’. Sure enough, looks just like him. We found a number of strange mosaics in this survey, but this one was the one that stood out.”

In all the team say they found 15 different mosaics in the area. Many of which depict items that could be interpreted as relating to the late 20th and early 21st century America, although archaeologists are certain the mosaics are from the 400 a.d. era.

According to historians, the Caddo tribe was known to have prophetic visions, often brought on after consuming hallucinogenic Peyote plant.

“Tribe members would often see visions of the future, although this is the furthest future we have seen the tribe members depict,” Caddo historian John Wilson tells us. “They appear to have a strong read on the current time period, it will be fascinating to research the remaining mosaics.”

Other mosaics uncovered during the study depict what appears to be a modern computer, a man purchasing whiskey from a store called “Saline”, a large gathering of dead black birds, a wild pig holding what resembles the college football championship trophy, and the death of the entire human race.


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Archaeologists in Texarkana Find 1600 Year Old Mosaic that Resembles Mario