Arkansas Board of Education Approves “Self Education” Method in LRSD

The Arkansas State Board of Education voted today in an emergency session to implement a self-education method throughout all schools within the Little Rock School District with a letter grade ‘C’ and below.

The method will supply students with textbooks and state-approved lesson plans so that students can begin a “self-guided educational journey.” Education Commissioner Johnny Key says this is an alternative previous plan of bringing in under-qualified substitutes during a teacher strike.

“We heard hundreds of complaints about our plan to replace teachers with unlicensed substitutes in the event of a teacher strike within LRSD. We want to let parents know we hear your complaints, and we developed a fabulous alternative model to replace it,” Key said in a press conference. “By allowing the students to self-educate we can allow students to learn at their own pace by people already involved in education, themselves. What could possibly go wrong?”

The plan will also allow for students from ‘A’ and ‘B’ rated schools to tutor students from lower schools and receive up to $250 per day in compensation. To apply, these students will only need 3 references from other students along with a copy of their birth certificate.

The board additionally announced they will wave absences for the remainder of the school year so that students can self-educate wherever they feel most comfortable without the burden of the school building.

Key says the self-education plan was chosen over several other viable models.

“We also looked into using our prison labor population to help with education,” Key continues. “We had a plan in place to fast track GEDs and wave criminal background checks. We thought this would be an excellent plan to help rehabilitate criminals while also providing the educational needs of the city. We ultimately vetoed this out of concern about the cost to install razor wire around the elementary playgrounds.”

The State Board of Education said they are ready to implement the plan immediately with a teacher strike or when a failing school begins to succeed, whichever comes first. The state board also said that if self-educated students decide to strike they will be replaced with substitute students from Saline County.


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Arkansas Board of Education Approves “Self Education” Method in LRSD