Arkansas Feline Advocacy Group S.O.C.K.S. Angry Over New Obama Family Dog

Arkansas based cat advocacy group the Society of Cat and Kitten Supremacy or S.O.C.K.S., named after President Clinton’s famous feline pet, issued a press released today that raised protests against President Obama and his family. Specifically, the group is angry over the adoption of a new pet by the Obama family: a female Portuguese Water dog named Sunny.

The S.O.C.K.S. press release expressed what they believed to be deliberate choice by the Obama presidency to undermine Animal advocacy efforts, particularly those that deal with cats. “The choice of another dog as a pet for the Obama family severally damages efforts by feline advocacy and support groups. It places dogs squarely in the limelight of the Media and needlessly raises their profile. It tells the American people that cats are not important and that cat issues are not important to this administration. This is unacceptable.”

Rock City Times called S.O.C.K.S. for comment. “Its disgusting to see such blatant bias coming from the White House.” Said Jane Murdoch, Supreme Chairman of S.O.C.K.S.  “They already have one dog but do they give another species a chance? Do they even attempt to show compassion for other animal groups that need help in America? No, they stick with the most popular animal in America. Way to play it safe!”

The Arkansas foundation is not the only group angry over the Obama’s decision. The J.T. Newman Foundation for the Advancement of Ferrets, The Council for Lizard Life, and The Animal Friends with Benefits group all released similarly worded press releases. However, it was the radical ideology in the message from S.O.C.K.S. that has caught national media attention.

“Dogs are the animals of the bourgeoisie so its no surprise that Obama would fill the White House with them. The 1% percent government is full of dog lovers who leave the People’s Animal, cats, out in the cold.” The press release stated. It continued to say that if the Obama administration did not adopt a cat or at the very least take up cat issues, there would be dire consequences.

The exact nature of those consequences was not explained. However, S.O.C.K.S. is known for it more radical protests. Members of the group were under suspicion of involvement in the 1999 kidnapping of DOGS! chief editor Munch Barkley after the magazine ran an exposé into why dogs are the pet of the new millennium.  Barkley was eventually released after issuing a forced apology. The group was also indicted in the 2005 biological terrorist attacks of the American Kennel Club headquarters that consisted of the mailing of cat feces in sealed mailing envelopes. The charges were eventually dropped due to lack of evidence.

In her comments to Rock City Times, Jane Murdoch reiterated that S.O.C.K.S. would keep their protests civil and legal. The group is already seeking permits to picket the Arkansas State Capital and the White House. “We must fight for the right of cats everywhere. Just as our Honorary Chairman for Life Socks the Cat helped to raise awareness of the bourgeoisie attempts to enslave the cat proletariat, so to must we continue to fight for the rights of the downtrodden populace that meow out for salvation and fancy feast!”

At this time, there is no comment from the Obama administration.


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Arkansas Feline Advocacy Group S.O.C.K.S. Angry Over New Obama Family Dog