Arkansas Launches Child Consumer Protection Website Baby Got Back Arkansas

Following up on the recent launch and success of the Arkansas Consumer protection division website, Got Your Back Arkansas, the state has launched a similar service for the consumer protection of Arkansas children. The website, Baby Got Back Arkansas, protects Arkansas children against theft, cartoon selection, mean parents, and more.

“Over the last few years we have seen an increase in complaints from the state’s children,” a spokesperson for the state said, “These complaints range from poor cartoon selection to parents not buying the correct treats. We felt it was our responsibility to meet the needs of our state’s children through this website.”

The Baby Got Back Arkansas website features five easy to navigate sections. “We wanted to keep the sections as self explanatory as possible to accommodate low reading levels” says the newly launched agency. These sections are My Business (focusing on privacy), My Shows (focusing on television viewing), My Stuff (focusing on product safety and theft), My ‘Rents (focusing on parental responsibility), and My Allowance (focusing on child chore conditions).

The Baby Got Back Arkansas website can be found at The website includes pictorial and video descriptions of each of the sections for the younger Arkansas children. The website plans to include a video podcast this summer titled “You Get Sprung” that will feature successes of the program.

The State also announced a number of forthcoming web based projects that should roll out over the summer. These projects include for auto theft recovery, for traffic updates, and for alcohol distribution guidelines.



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    Little Rock Zoo seems to have a better pen for the white rhino than the black rhino. This may be actionable.

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    I really like what you did with the blog here!…

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Arkansas Launches Child Consumer Protection Website Baby Got Back Arkansas