Arkansas Lawmakers decide just to keep last year’s budget

Scene shortly after budget decision at Cajun's Wharf

Arkansas lawmakers today decide to continue with last year’s approved budget for the upcoming state fiscal year. All other resolutions decisions have been postponed until “it is too damn hot to sit outside” according to official statement by the state legislature’s communication office.

At approximately 1:00 this afternoon House Speaker Robert Moore called a closed joint meeting of congressional leaders. According to sources Speaker Moore pulled together an agreement stating “Look, it is 80 degrees outside and a beautiful day. Last year’s budget wasn’t that bad, we survived. Let’s just approve it again and go have drinks on Cajun’s Deck. First round of Play De Dos is on me if we can do this now.” The final budget agreement was said to have taken under five minutes to finalize with no objections.

When reached for official comment Speaker Moore’s office did not return our calls.


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Arkansas Lawmakers decide just to keep last year’s budget