Arkansas Legislative Who’s Who

WhosWho2013Every year we sit back from a distance and admire the Arkansas Legislature from a distance. Often times we see the legislature as a high school cafeteria. You have the cool kids (Joyce Elliot), the smart kids (Davy Carter), the kids that sit at home playing with their sister’s barbies (Nate Bell), the kid who gets beat up for his lunch money on (Jason Rapert), and the kid who does the beating (Bob Ballenger).

We decided to take the spirit of our Arkansas Legislature high school and give you our favorite yearbook section. Introducing the 2013 inaugural Arkansas Legislative Who’s Who:

Most likely to not be allowed on an Arkansas State Fair rideWarwick Sabin (D-Little Rock)

Least Likely to succeed in a dark Rock City alleyJon Hubbard (R-Jonesboro)

Most likely to shoot himself in the foot with a gun in church, then tweet about it: Nate Bell (R-Mena)

Most likely to play a Beatle’s band member role at the weekend theater: Davy Carter (R-Cabot)

Most likely to have army of angry women with pitchforks at front door: Jason Rapert (R-Conway)

Most likely to leave Arkansas and never look back: Kathy Webb (D-Little Rock)

Most likely to leave Arkansas Legislature to become Lumberjack: Bob Ballenger (R-Hindsville)

Least likely to be able to grow a beard: John Burris (R-Harrison)

Best Twitter name: Greg Leding (@g) (D-Fayetteville)

Most likely to have no clue what Twitter is: Robert Dale (R-Dover)


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Arkansas Legislative Who’s Who