Arkansas Meth Lab to be Featured in Architectural Digest

SEARCY, Ark. – In a first for the internationally-recognized magazine, Architectural Digest will feature the home-based methamphetamine lab of Kenneth and Sherrie-Anne Dugens. According to senior editor Richard Holder , the lab, which sits on the outskirts of Searcy, has a surprisingly complex design aesthetic.

“The structure inhabits the space in a most satisfying manner,” Holder said. “It surreptitiously blends into its surroundings while simultaneously clamoring for recognition.”

The lab sits on a hill along the edge of a field.

Upon learning about the forthcoming international media coverage of their lab, the Dugens were cautiously excited.

“Kenny and me, we’s just thrilled,” said Sherrie-Anne. “But at the same time, I sure do wish they didn’t use our real names and address like they done.”

Reached by phone for comment, Searcy police said they were unaware of the Dugens’ good fortune.

“We would, of course, like learn more about Kenny’s meth lab,” said Searcy chief Paul Titheson. “In fact, I plan on seeing it for myself first thing tomorrow.”

The Dugens’ property will be featured in the May 2014 issue of Architectural Digest.




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Arkansas Meth Lab to be Featured in Architectural Digest