Author Announces New Harry Potter Book Aimed at the Series’ Maturing Audience

LONDON – Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling announced the details of a new book featuring the wizard, expected to release early next year. The book will be the first in a new series targeted at maturing fans of the original young adult novels.

According to the release, the new book will pick up several years later on Harry’s 34th birthday. Rowling said the short story released earlier this week on website dedicated to the series,Pottermore, was intended as a tease for the new book.

“I came to the realization that the original audience is starting to get old and they need a new series to relate with,” Rowling says. “Most of the original readers are beginning to turn 30, have kids, and then have divorces. They need something to relate to. Plus it gives me a chance to fix the error in not setting Harry and Hermione together.”

Rowling says there is no official title for the book yet, but she is working with the unofficial title of “50 Shades of Potter”, named after the popular series “50 Shades of Grey” and the inspiration for the story’s direction.

The book will take place as Harry and Hermione’s marriages are beginning to unravel and they begin a secret affair. Rowling hopes that combining magic from the Harry Potter series with the magical love making from the 50 Shades of Grey series will inspire an entirely new fantasy for the audience. Fans reacting to the announcement seem to think so as well.

“I’ll admit, it is a little hard to pick up guys when you are sitting around on a bench reading a story about a 12 year old wizard. Naturally that doesn’t stop me,” recently divorced mother of 2, and Harry Potter fan, Debbie Mitchell tells us. “I hear my friends say that guys will see them reading 50 Shades and immediately show interest. I find the series boring though, I need some spells and potions. I want to see Ron try to cast avada kedavra when he catches Harry in bed with Hermione. Plus, if it helps me catch Mr. Right #2, I’ll read it every day.”

Rowling says she is already receiving interest from film studios to turn the new book into a movie. Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe says he would absolutely be open to getting naked and riding a broom with Emma Watson, who played Hermione in the series, if asked.


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Author Announces New Harry Potter Book Aimed at the Series’ Maturing Audience