Mysterious Formations Baffle Local Fort Smith Residents

FORT SMITH–After numerous reports, Sebastian County residents and police have found no clues as to the recent appearances of beer can pyramids among several neighborhoods and national parks in the Fort Smith area. Accounts report that the pyramids appear overnight and usually consist of more than a case of empty cans of beer. In an effort to discover the origins of the mysterious formations, paranormal experts have been called in to investigate.

GhostHunters lead investigator LeAnne Taylor told sources that research with her team has been promising so far. “Based on numerous eyewitness accounts, we have been able to identify a variety of consistent environmental factors. In our previous investigations, beer can pyramids tended to crop up sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning, especially in the summer and fall, and that most pyramids consist of Bud Light, Busch, Coors, or Natural Light, or ‘Natty Light.’ Many of the accounts in this case resemble pyramids we’ve seen all over the state.”

Further research into the research, ensures Taylor, will be accomplished with the use of state-of-the-art paranormal equipment GhostHunters uses to prove the existence of spirits.

“In the next few weeks, our team will install infrared cameras in some of the highly-affected areas in the hopes of getting a formation on camera,” said Taylor. “We haven’t yet ruled out the possibility of this being an extraterrestrial occurrence. That’ll have to be looked into by our sister company, Aliens-R-Us.”

At press time, no further discoveries have been made, but three more beer can pyramid formations were reported near the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith campus.


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Mysterious Formations Baffle Local Fort Smith Residents