Biker Gang Fight in Little Rock Leaves 25 Injured

LITTLE ROCK — Two rival biker gangs clashed late Monday leaving 25 injured and over 50 put in time out.

The brawl erupted outside local popsicle shop Le Pops around 5:45 Monday afternoon. Witnesses say rival gangs the Dark KnightLights and the Kids of Steel converged on the Kavanaugh location at the same time. Some accounts say the incident started when Kids of Steel gang leader Doug Madsen pushed his way to the front ordering the last pineapple kiwi iced pop. Others say it was a when a member of Dark KnightLights took too long in the bathroom.

“Doug just cut right in front of us,”Dark KnightLights member known only as Billy Blade tells us. “We are not going to let that stand. As long as we exist there will be war between us and the Kids of Steel.”

Police say they have been monitoring the storefront closely expecting violence for some time now. Le Pops host biker events on Mondays and Wednesdays, allowing guests under 10 who show up on their bike or tricycle a free chocolate dip. So far the gangs have shown up on different days but the addition of new flavors seemed to bring in opposing factions.

Once initial altercations took place scores of kids flooded the sidewalk. Police say that thankfully most of the clash was confined to name calling. Most of the injured were treated and released with injuries from hair pulling or pushing. The worst occurred when one member fell down while being chased resulting in three superman bandaids.

“Most of those involved were placed immediately in time out for their actions,” Little Rock Police Officer Earl Dooble tells us. “A few escaped on bike to a nearby playground where they were later apprehended by parents when it became time to come home.”

Authorities say that despite the similarities between this and the recent Waco biker violence they do not believe the two are connected in anyway.


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Biker Gang Fight in Little Rock Leaves 25 Injured