New Bill Clinton Autobiography Detailing Life as a Vampire Hunter to Release in November


Bill Clinton this morning announced a followup to his 2004 book, “My Life”, detailing his true life as a vampire hunter. The book, aptly titled “My Life as a Vampire Hunter”, is set to release this November.

The book follows closely to the story line presented in the original “My Life” book, but attempts to shed light on the original story. The book greatly expands Clinton’s early years up until his election as Governor of Arkansas. The book also looks at a number of policies that Clinton helped enact as Governor and President to eradicate most vampires from North American, and his post-presidency involvement to help the people of Africa through the Clinton Foundation.

“This is the story that I originally wanted to tell,” Clinton says. “It has shaped and defined a large portion of my life and those around me. I think now is the time to tell my story.”

Clinton’s encounter with Vampires began when his father,¬†William Jefferson Blythe Jr, was killed by a vampire. Clinton’s stepfather, Roger Clinton, was later turned by a number of vampires from Hot Springs over a gambling debt he owed. Roger Clinton became the first vampire Clinton hunted after trying to protect his mother.


“On May 17 1946 my father was driving from Chicago to Hope to fetch his wife. Late at night on Highway 60 outside of Sikeston, Missouri a vampire attacked his car, a 1942 Buick, blowing out the right tire. The vampire threw him from the car and crawled into a drainage ditch. He tried to fight the vampire off but was unsuccessful. He was only twenty-eight years old.”

Clinton proposed the story of his vampire hunting life originally in 2001, shortly after leaving office. The publisher, Knopf, advised Clinton to scale back the book and leave out most of the vampire portions.

“We were afraid people would not take it seriously,” Clinton’s Publishing agent Art Malone tells us. “Somewhere details of the original book were leaked out and we decided it was time to come back together and write the book that should have been originally written.”

The plans of the book were released to Seth Grahame-Smith who decided, instead of Clinton, to base the story on Abraham Lincoln. The book Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter was released in 2010 despite pressure from Clinton to cancel the book.

Clinton has committed the proceeds of the book to continue his fight against vampires in Africa. Clinton has authorized the release of over 100 photos that had previously been modified to hide his true background. The book is officially listed at 8,122 pages.



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New Bill Clinton Autobiography Detailing Life as a Vampire Hunter to Release in November