Bryant Man Stuck in Chimney While Trying to Rob House

BRYANT – A Bryant man was arrested this morning after attempting to break into a house through the chimney last night.

Police say Scott Calvin, 24, tried to gain entry to a home in Richardson Place by entering through the house’s chimney. Calvin became stuck shortly after entering the structure and was discovered this morning when neighbors noticed his legs extending above the opening to the chimney.

“After extensive questioning Calvin told us that the idea to break in through the chimney came after watching a non-stop marathon of Christmas movies on the ABC Family channel over the past 23 days,” Bryant officer Peter Whittle tells us. “We believe it was a combination of extreme sleep deprivation and not being smart enough to understand that a 375 pound man cannot actually fit down a chimney. Another victim of Bryant High School education.”

The house owners, who asked to remain anonymous, says they will not press charges due in part to their young children’s renewed belief in Santa following the incident. The parents say the children, aged 5 and 7, believed the real santa was attempting to visit a day early.

According to police, this is not the first time Calvin has been arrested for trying to act out mythical holiday characters.

“In 2012 we arrested Calvin while in a church playground dressed as a rabbit squatting and trying to lay eggs,” Whittle says. “Only problem was he laid things other than eggs. Then he tried opening an unsanctioned dental clinic last year to attempt to extract teeth to trade in with the tooth fairy.”

Bryant police say Calvin will be transferred to custody in Benton later today after they were able to convince the Benton police department that Calvin was the real Santa.


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Bryant Man Stuck in Chimney While Trying to Rob House