The Capital Hotel Becomes Infested with Squirrels after Installing Christmas Tree

Little Rock – The Capital Hotel in downtown Little Rock has confirmed that they do have a squirrel infestation in the hotel following the arrival yesterday of their live Christmas tree.

The 28 ft tree arrived at the hotel yesterday after being transported to Little Rock from Oregon. It took 20 workers several hours to maneuver the tree into position. Shortly after cutting the restraining ropes a large number of squirrels began running out onto the second floor balcony.

“I was up in my room on the 4th floor taking a shower, when I opened the door there were two squirrels sitting on the bed,” one hotel guest tells us. “They were just chewing on what appeared to be pecans and were watching the Animal Planet on the TV. I quickly got dressed and went down stairs to speak with guest services. The squirrels never even noticed me I think.”

It is estimated that over 100 squirrels were part of the colony that inhabited the tree. Hotel officials tell us that the squirrels have caused very few problems so far for the guests.

“We had four squirrels who found some champagne left out on the third floor. They became quite intoxicated and started having intercourse on a table in Ashley’s while some guest were trying to eat their soup,” Guest Services director Nick Bradley-Hole tells us. “Other than that they have been great. They do seem to love the candied pecans from the Bar and Grill. Every time we cook a batch they steal about half of them. They ate close to 45 lbs of candied pecans in about 24 hours.”

Bradley-Hole tells us the hotel is still unsure what they will do with the squirrels. Ashley’s Chef Joël Antunes is currently exploring a number of squirrel dishes for the farm-to-table menu at the restaurant.



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The Capital Hotel Becomes Infested with Squirrels after Installing Christmas Tree