City of Bryant Upgrades Municipal Water Supply to Evian, Adds Extra Cost to Water Bills

The City of Bryant announced today that they have completed the switch of the city’s water supply from Central Arkansas Water to Evian. The new water supply is expected to bring spring water freshness at only an 8x increase in average water bills.

The new water project was originally conceived and led by Bryant Mayor Jill Dabbs. Work began earlier this year which included installing a new Evian water tower and cooling system to set the water and exactly 37.6° to simulate the water temperature from the original French Alp source.

“I this is going to be a great upgrade for the people of Bryant,” Mayor Dabbs says. “Our new water supply reflects on the strong culture Bryant has fought to build. We are way classier than Benton and over compensating when comparing to West Little Rock.”

Switching to Evian as a water supply was not Mayor Dabbs’ first choice. The city applied to be supplied by Smart Water, but the city office failed to meet the minimum qualifications. After reexamining the project Evian seemed like the natural choice, bringing an over priced and mass produced product to the city.

The water supply upgrade does come with a price increase to the monthly water utility bill. Residents should expect their water bill to increase roughly 8 times the average amount, starting with this month’s bill. “Yes it is a bit of a price increase, just just think about how refreshed you will feel drinking water straight from the French Alps. The extra $100 you pay is nothing compared to what it would cost to buy these in bottles,” Mayor Dabbs says.

Mayor Dabbs recently announced that she would seek reelection for mayor of Bryant. The campaign tells us that the upgrade in water supply will be her signature campaign item along with other upgrades to city service that people have not realized they were unhappy with yet. The upgrades have increased the average cost of living on par with Little Rock, which Mayor Dabbs says she is especial proud to offer.

This is the first in a series of planned upgrades over the summer which include widening Highway 5 to 3.5 lanes, hiring local tattoo artist to finish repainting all police cars, and building a 18ft wall on the Bauxite side to keep the stench of their residents out.




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City of Bryant Upgrades Municipal Water Supply to Evian, Adds Extra Cost to Water Bills