City of Greenbrier Disappears into Giant Fracking Crater

CONWAY  – The city of Greenbrier disappeared overnight, apparently falling into a mammoth crater which was formed due to the natural gas extraction method known as ‘fracking.’

“It’s all gone,” lamented Billy Jud Hollis, a citizen of nearby Conway. “The Harps. Same Ole Joe’s Pizza. Everything is just gone.”

Scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey believe the crater formed when vast underground chambers collapsed, pulling the city and all of its 8,000 residents beneath the earth.

“We all knew something bad was going to happen,” said Conway mayor Tab Townsell. “But it could have been much worse. It could have been us.”

The city’s instability can be traced back to fracking. Shortly after petroleum companies began fracking in the area, Greenbrier was wracked by thousands of earthquakes. The quakes grew in frequency and intensity until the Arkansas Natural Gas Commission demanded all fracking be halted in the Greenbrier area.

But according to scientists, it seems likely the damage had already been done.

“Apparently by the time they stopped fracking around up there, the subterranean structure beneath Greenbrier had already been compromised,” said USGS researcher Harvey Simpson. “The devastation is beyond comprehension. It’s a big fracking mess up there. We are just hoping the same thing does not happen to Greers Ferry



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City of Greenbrier Disappears into Giant Fracking Crater