Clinton Library to Unveil the Worlds Largest Inflatable Christmas Display

Little Rock — The Clinton Presidential Center and Library is set to hold their first ever Christmas Lighting ceremony Thursday night at 6:30.

This marks the first in the nine year history that the Clinton Center has installed an outdoor Christmas display. The Center contracted with local Sherwood resident Tim Bir, known for his large inflatable Christmas display, to design the display. Bir displays a large number inflatables at his home on Covington Drive, and donates money raised from the display to local charities.

“We really looked for something that reflected the true spirit of President Clinton’s Arkansas roots,” Clinton Library director Terri Garner tells us. “We decided to build the biggest collection of inflatable outdoor Christmas decorations.”

The display is set to cover 18 of the center’s 30 acre park. Over 156,000 inflatable items will be on display.

“We wanted to start small and see where it goes,”Bir tells us. “There are still a number of spaces that we can fill in to grow the display next year, I suspect we could cram another 75,000 inflatables onto the Clinton Center lawn. We are entering initial talks with Heifer to expand to their property as well. I think we could easily see 25 million inflatables five years rom now.”

The Center says they plan to expand RV parking to accommodate the increased traffic during the holiday time to view the lights. They have contracted with the city to allow use of additional storm drains to clear waste from the RVs.

The Clinton Center plans to keep the inflatable Christmas display exhibit up until early May. The next exhibit for the Center grounds will be the largest beer can pyramid, collected from River Fest participants, followed by the largest pink flamingo display starting in late July.



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Clinton Library to Unveil the Worlds Largest Inflatable Christmas Display