Clinton Presidential Center Becomes Infested with Snakes


The Clinton Presidential Center today issued a warning to visitors of the museum’s lobby and restaurant, Forty Two, that the building has seen a large influx of snakes into the building over the past 3 days.

The Clinton Library has experienced problems with snakes in the past. The large amount of Liriope plants, better known as Monkey Grass, surrounding the location has served as a natural habitat for snakes in the area. Shortly after opening the museum, Clinton Center staff frequently found snakes in the building in the mornings. The snakes would frequently come in at night when visitors to the center were away.

“We began treating the surrounding area with a product called Scotts Snake B Gon,” museum facility director Neville Flynn tells us. “We have seen huge success using the product, only finding 2 snakes inside the building over the past 3 years.”

The Snake B Gon requires reapplication every 30 days to maintain effectiveness. The last application was scheduled for October 7th, but due to the government shutdown the funds used to purchase the product are unavailable.

“We started seeing signs of the product wearing off last Friday when a couple dining at Forty Two noticed a 6 ft water moccasin on the patio,” Flynn tells us. “Over this weekend alone we removed 27 snakes from the building. All we can do is keep removing these by hand, hope we find them all, and pray that congress resolves the budget problems soon.”

The Clinton Center staff tell us that most of the snakes removed so far are of the water moccasin and copperhead variety. Fortunately no injuries have come from the infestation. Most of the snakes have been found on the ground floor, including 3 inside the presidential limo, however several have been noticed on upper floors including under the rug in the replica oval office.

The Clinton Center Restaurant, Forty Two, has announced that they will offer 25% off all meals and will be featuring a number of new cajun grilled snake dishes this week.


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Clinton Presidential Center Becomes Infested with Snakes