Conway Introduces New Downtown Christmas Tree to Replace Last Year’s Troubled Display

CONWAY – City officials today unveiled a new Christmas tree to replace the expensive and problematic downtown display from last year.

The new tree acquired on Craig’s List from a French seller was listed as only briefly used. Conway officials say they are thankful for the new tree after last year’s tree was returned last week after failing to function properly.

“We were just lucky to stumble on the new tree. It should be an excellent artistic take on our downtown Christmas display that residents are sure to remember,” Conway mayor Tab Townsell tells us. “The seller, who was located in Paris, was willing to practically give it away for some reason. We really think this could plug a huge void downtown during the holiday months left after we were forced to pull the other tree out after the continuous pain in our rear it caused.”

The new tree stands over 78 feet tall, making it much taller and more visible than the previous 54 foot tree. Officials say the tree can be deflated for storage and easily repaired, eliminating many of the problems from last year’s tree.

Conway officials say that the new tree will come at no cost to tax payers thanks to the bargain. City tourism board members were skeptical about the low price of the purchase, but after receiving the new tree they are satisfied with the more abstract replacement.

“So far the reception is delightful,” Townsell says. “We inflated it for a few hours this morning in a test run, we had a large crowd stand nearly the entire time just staring and taking pictures. This could create the large impact in Conway tourism we are looking for. I believe large things will flow into the area as a result of the new tree.”

The new Christmas tree will go on full display starting this weekend and will run through January. Townsell says the city will introduce a new marketing program around this time featuring the Christmas tree called “Plugged Into Conway”.


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Conway Introduces New Downtown Christmas Tree to Replace Last Year’s Troubled Display