Creepy Clown Found Dead After Attempting to Scare Conway Woman

CONWAY, ARK — Police say a young white male was killed late yesterday afternoon after dressing up like a clown and trying to scare people in downtown Conway.

Witnesses say Jessica Fletcher, 31, was leaving Bell and Sward clothing shop on Oak Street after shopping for clothes for her husband. After exiting the clown approached her from behind asking if she wanted a balloon.

“I saw him walk up behind her, next thing I know she swung her purse at his head and dropped the clown straight to the ground,” shop owner Erik Sward tells us. “After he fell he started a creepy laugh. It was at that point she took off her 4 inch heel and started beating him in the head with it. I hate to see something like that happen, but I think this guy deserved it.”

Police believe the clown was attempting to copycat similar clowns who have terrorized a number of cities in California. Conway residents have reported a number of similar encounters over the past week, mostly in the downtown area and on the University of Central Arkansas campus.

The identity of the now deceased clown has not been released. Authorities say that Fletcher will not be charged with a crime and is free to go.

“In my opinion Mrs Fletcher did nothing wrong,” Conway police spokesperson Henry Claridge tells us. “In fact, I think she is exactly the type of hero Conway needs. If anything we should honor her service to the city. As I heard one resident say, ‘The only good clown is a dead clown’**, I couldn’t agree more.”

Police are warning any other potential creepy clowns avoid Conway and instead choose a safer location such as the Argenta district in North Little Rock or the Fayetteville square.


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Creepy Clown Found Dead After Attempting to Scare Conway Woman