Democrat Gazette Increases Paywall Subscription to Compete with Arkansas Times New Paywall


The Arkansas Democrat Gazette, which is the state’s largest daily paper, this afternoon announced that it will increase their paywall subscription rate. This move comes in response to the Arkansas Times’ new subscription model, which was announced today.

Under the new subscription plan all Arkansas Online (Democrat Gazette’s website) subscribers will be required to give a one time payment of their first born child in addition to the monthly subscription.

“We feel this move is needed to stay competitive in a rapidly changing market,” says online director James Holmes. “We have done a large amount of internal research that supports this decision. We additionally hired Jason Rapert as a political consultant who assures us this will cater to our growing conservative crowd. According to him liberals do not have first born children so this is the best way to focus our user base.”

The paper hopes that the growing value of children on the black market will help them bring a number of new features, writers, and interaction to build a stronger presence across the state. Democrat Gazette has lost considerable readership to Arkansas Times over the past two years and feels this is a necessary revenue stream to compete.

The paper acknowledges that not all individuals are able to present a child for payment and offers a couple of options. Middle aged and senior adults can sacrifice any of their grand children or great grand children, for individuals without kids they are able offer a family member’s child or an adopted child in place of their own.

The paper will offer a 75% refund for people who decide to cancel within the first 60 days of the new subscription.


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Democrat Gazette Increases Paywall Subscription to Compete with Arkansas Times New Paywall