Draft Joel DiPippa for Attorney General Movement Gathering Steam

Over the past few weeks we have heard about a well organized movement to encourage state attorney Joel DiPippa to run for Attorney General in 2014 as a replacement to current Attorney General Dustin McDaniel.

The movement comes from both from members of the Democratic party as well as Republicans who would like to see McDaniel replaced by DiPippa. McDaniel last year admitted to an affair with a Hot Springs Attorney. The affair raised a number of possible ethics questions which were silenced when McDaniel decided not to run for Governor. DiPippa is seen as a strong ethical candidate to fill the position.

DiPippa comes with 10 years of legal experience, the last 5 being a state attorney for the Department of Finance and Administration. DiPippa during this same time as also taught law at UALR where is father, John DiPippa, previously served as Dean. Before that DiPippa served as Assistant Attorney General under both McDaniel and former Attorney General and current Governor Mike Beebe.

Draft DiPippa organizers say the group represents bipartisan support for DiPippa, who is widely respected in the legal community. “For us Joel represents a bright lawyer from a strong legal background” a spokesperson for the movement tells us. “Joel is respected from Democrats who want to see a stronger candidate than McDaniel was and by Republicans who admire his legal mind and understanding of the state system.”

Currently the group is at 400 members, but has kept relatively quiet. The group is looking to increased media coverage and awareness in the coming months. People looking to support the movement are encouraged to like the group’s official DiPippa for AG facebook page. Organizational updates will be posted there.

When reached for comment DiPippa said he has not made a decision on seeking office, but was overheard muttering “My wife is going to kill me” as he walked away.

Rock City Times will follow this movement as it develops.


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Draft Joel DiPippa for Attorney General Movement Gathering Steam