Economic Recession Predicted Following Simpsons Unlimited Streaming

WASHINGDON, D.C.–The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released a study predicting another economic recession to hit the United States following the release of the hit television series “The Simpsons” in unlimited online streaming.

Analysts predict that within weeks of availability of over 25 season’s worth of the animated show, consumer activity will take a major nosedive that could potentially slow down or even eliminate progress made over the summer.

This recent study indicated that economic spending will take the hardest hit, as many consumers will remain at home watching the show. Major purchases like automobiles, homes, and home appliances will suffer due to viewers’ staying at home all day watching “The Simpsons” on their computers or live streaming device. Other economic purchases from the fast food industry, however, is expected to increase for the duration, possibly due to the fact that viewers will be too busy watching television to cook meals for themselves or their families.

Other sections of the study also indicated that the national unemployment rate could increase as well. Actual numbers are tentative because economists have yet to see the long-term effects “The Simpsons” unlimited streaming release will have on consumers unable or unwilling to go to work. However, unemployment percentages are expected to bounce back quicker than usual; one hypothesis is that newly unemployed citizens will quickly search for jobs when access to electricity and internet connectivity become compromised.


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Economic Recession Predicted Following Simpsons Unlimited Streaming