Entergy Announces Bridge Lighting Project in Downtown Supporting Gay Pride


Entergy today announced a $2.5 million dollar project to light the bridges connecting Little Rock and North Little Rock. The plan calls for lighting the Main street, Rock Island, and Clinton bridges with energy efficient, colored LED lighting.

The project comes as part of Entergy’s 100th year of serving the central Arkansas community with intermittent electricity service. “We wanted to use this as an opportunity to showcase Little Rock as a vibrant arts and cultural district” says Entergy CEO. “From our company’s beginning in 1913 until now, we continue to through our support of the Downtown Little Rock Partnership and the LGBT community, to invest in progressive efforts, like the bridge lighting project to attract visitors.”

The bridge will feature rotating colors, all themed from the gay pride flag, and will rotate through waving renditions of the flag. “We are thrilled that Entergy recognizes the efforts of our community in Central Arkansas” a spokesperson for the LGBT association of Central Arkansas tells us. “This is the biggest win for equality since integration of Central High School. No other community in the region is willing to make this large of statement about equality.”

Entergy Arkansas, the Clinton Foundation, the Pulaski County Bridge Authority, Philips Lighting Company, Koontz Electric, and the cities of Little Rock and North Little Rock are all investing in the project.

The lighting will be LED lighting and should be completed by the end of 2013.  They will cover the Main Street Bridge, the Junction Bridge, and the Clinton Bridge.

“We are extremely grateful for this once-in-a-generation opportunity provided by Entergy Arkansas,” said Stodola. “Their generosity will help transform our communities and will be yet another way to attract visitors to Little Rock, North Little Rock and the entire metropolitan area.”

Entergy also announced plans to light the forthcoming broadway bridge. The bridge, when completed, will alternate between the American flag and the rainbow gay pride flag.

More information can be found at the Entergy 100 website.


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Entergy Announces Bridge Lighting Project in Downtown Supporting Gay Pride