Entergy Issues Warning to Cammack Village Customers to Expect Outages Due to Downtown Bridge Lighting

Little Rock — Entergy Arkansas today issued a warning to residents of Cammack Village to expect rolling power outages due to the downtown bridge lighting beginning December 19.

Entergy donated $2 million help fund the bridge lighting project in October. Earlier this month Entergy agreed to power the downtown bridges free of charge to Little Rock rate payers by redirecting a portion of the power allocated to Cammack Village to downtown.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us to celebrate our 100 year history powering Arkansas,” Entergy CEO Hugh McDonald said. “In those 100 years we have a strong commitment to providing reliable power to Little Rock and making sure Cammack has as many power outages as humanly possible. I am pleased to use this opportunity to continue that tradition for another 100 years.”

In the warning to Cammack Village rate payers Entergy says the rolling outages will be ongoing as long as the bridge lighting is in place. The outages will begin roughly 30 minutes before sunset and end 30 minutes after sunrise.

“The positive for Cammack Village residents is that we will now focus all of our resources to restore power during weather related outages to Cammack,” an Entergy Arkansas spokesperson tells us. “In the past we would restore power in Little Rock, take a few days off, then send out new hires to train by restoring Cammack power. Now Cammack is a higher priority than the Governor’s Mansion. Congratulations.”

To assist with the planned power outages Entergy will begin distributing “Outage Survival Kits” to all homes in Cammack Village today. The kits include 6 candles, a box of matches, a bottle of vodka, and a ouija board.

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Entergy Issues Warning to Cammack Village Customers to Expect Outages Due to Downtown Bridge Lighting