Fayetteville Mayor Plans To Give Arkansas A Professional Sports Team

After hearing about high school students attempting to bring a professional hockey team to Fort Smith, Fayetteville Mayor Lioneld Jordan announced on Wednesday (July 16) that he is backing a city initiative to bring a professional Underwater Basket Weaving team to Northwest Arkansas.

Jordan said he wants to see a professional sport brought to his city, and after 300 hours of research, he settled on an Underwater Basket Weaving team. The team will participate in the National Weaver Organization (NWO) league.

“We have the Razorbacks for football, basketball, baseball, soccer and more, but Underwater Basket Weaving is uncharted territory for the city of Fayetteville,” Jordan said.

His blueprints contained plans for a 15,000 seat stadium to be built around Lake Fayetteville.

The initiative is estimated to cost a total of $350 million, and it would be paid for by a mixture of a new Fayetteville hipster tax and investors looking for a profitable, although risk-filled financial opportunity, according to Jordan.

Some Fayetteville City Council members have already expressed their opinions ranging from skepticism to full support.

Alderwoman Sarah Marsh expressed support for Jordan’s plan, saying, “I think we cannot afford to let such a grand opportunity pass us by. This is Fayetteville’s chance to have both the Razorbacks and Arkansas’ first professional sports team.”

Others, like Alderman Mark Kinion, scoffed at the proposal.

“Such an idea is truly laughable. It isn’t that I have anything against Underwater Basket Weaving, I am simply against us wasting so much money on a sport many here would question the actual existence of. I’d sooner vote for a $230 million Quidditch coliseum,” Kinion said.

The city council is expected to take up the issue within their August meeting, according to an agenda from the city of Fayetteville.

Rock City Times conducted a poll among Fayetteville residents asking them if they would support a professional Underwater Basket Weaving team. A total of two percent said they would, while five percent said they wouldn’t. The other 93% said they had no idea it was even a real sport.

Jordan closed his Wednesday presentation by announcing that the name of the proposed team would be the Fayetteville Freshwater Sharks.


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Fayetteville Mayor Plans To Give Arkansas A Professional Sports Team