Food Trucks Set Up on I-55 in Arkansas to Feed Stranded Motorist

WEST MEMPHIS – A number of Food Trucks from the Little Rock and Memphis areas began setting up on a still-frozen Interstate 55 between West Memphis and Blytheville to feed motorist stranded due to weather since Sunday night.

The food truck gathering was organized by Little Rock’s Waffle Wagon owners Matt Clark and Melissa Melton who themselves were stranded in the last Arkansas snow storm.

“Last month we were stranded ourselves while trying to get the food truck home,”Clark tells us. “I saw the news where all the motorist were stranded on I55 and knew exactly how they felt, thankfully we had food and didn’t set out for several days. We decided to see what we could do to help and started reaching out to other food trucks.”

In all 10 food trucks were able to work their way through traffic to set up at various intervals along the freeway. All were required by the Arkansas Highway Department to place plows on the front of their vehicles to help with the road conditions, bringing the total number of plows used in the area to 11.

Waffle Wagon reported that lines for their waffles were over a mile long at times this morning from hungry motorist and state police, many of which have not eaten since crossing into Arkansas Monday morning.

“I would have been happy with a boiled hotdog on a cheap bun,” stranded truck driver Mike Cooley tells us. “Instead I got the most amazing chicken and waffles I have ever eaten. I heard over the CB from a buddy up the road that he ate a great Asian chicken and dumplings from a food truck called Southern Gormasian. This is way better than truck stop food. I didn’t even mind the 45 minute wait.”

The majority of the food trucks have planned to stay around until Friday, which is the estimated date that the Arkansas Highway department will be able to clear the roads.


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Food Trucks Set Up on I-55 in Arkansas to Feed Stranded Motorist