Football Legend Cliff Harris Stolen by Henderson State Students

ARKADELPHIA, Ark — Police announced that Ouachita Baptist University (OBU) and Dallas Cowboy Football legend Cliff Harris was stolen late last night from the OBU campus.

Authorities say stealingHarris was a prank gone wrong leading up to the annual “battle of the ravine” football rivalry game between Henderson State University and OBU. According to witnesses a group of freshmen Henderson State students were encouraged to perform a prank against the rival school.

“Pranks before us have usually involved doing something to OBU’s tiger statue, which is now very well guarded,” Henderson State senior Eric Stratton tells us. “OBU has this nice new stadium, so we decided to talk some freshmen into stealing the Cliff Harris letters from the sign on the stadium. Unfortunately they misinterpreted the dare to steal Cliff Harris himself. I am sure he will turn up tonight after the game.”

Campus security from OBU say they have conducted a thorough search of all the bushes and elevators on campus, but are still unable to locate Harris. Meanwhile Arkadelphia police are conducting a search of all the known locations around the lower dam frequented by students.

Police are asking for anyone with knowledge about Harris’ location to please notify local authorities immediately.

“We want to return Harris as quickly as possible. Mostly because we all want to catch the game this afternoon instead of having to search a bunch of dorm rooms,” Arkadelphia police chief Carey Mahoney tells us. “While you are at it, if you come across an old tiger tail OBU would like that returned as well.”

OBU and Henderson State athletic departments say regardless of Harris’ return the game will continue on schedule for 3 p.m. Henderson State athletic director Shawn Jones expressed his sympathy for the kidnapping of Harris saying “we understand your loss, our notable football alumnus Gus Malzahn has been missing from campus for 24 years.”


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Football Legend Cliff Harris Stolen by Henderson State Students