Four Political Candidates Arrested After Fight Breaks out During Voter Meetup

NORTH LITTLE ROCK – Police arrested four prominent political candidates this morning after a fight broke out during a meet and greet at Mugs Cafe in Argenta.

Candidates Leslie Rutledge, John Burkhalter, Tim Griffin, and James Lee Witt were all taken into custody after the four began fighting following KATV’s Coffee with the Candidates meet up at Mugs.

Witnesses say the fight started when Attorney General candidate Rutledge accused Lt. Governor candidate Burkhalter of owing her a lap dance that she paid for back in the 80’s.

“We were starting to pack our gear when we heard Rutledge scream at Burkhalter about never finish the lap dance,” KATV anchor Alyson Courtney tells us. “Next thing we knew Griffin joined in saying Burkhalter shorted him too. They kept screaming at him saying ‘Dance Metro Express, dance’. At some point Rutledge swung a chair at Burkhalter and Griffin started slapping him.”

Other witnesses say that Burkhalter may have hit Rutledge with a santa hat, prompting the chair swinging. James Lee Witt reportedly joined in the fight late and for no apparent reason.

“I couldn’t think of any good reason not to jump in. Besides, I had my good kicking boots on. May as well use them,” Witt told us on his way to the police vehicle.

North Little Rock police tell us the four will likely be held for 24 hours in the Pulaski County Detention Facility and then released if no one presses charges.

The Pulaski County sheriff’s office says the candidates have been granted special permission to hold election parties in the facility. Each candidate is allotted one corner of the cafeteria and guests are allowed to join them.

The detention facility reminds supporters that no outside items are permitted inside the facility while visiting inmates. Because of this policy they will allow public access of security cameras located inside the cafeteria to broadcast live election coverage and video only interviews with the candidates.

*Photo Via KATV taken before the fight


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Four Political Candidates Arrested After Fight Breaks out During Voter Meetup