Game and Fish Commission to Rebuild Lake on Capitol Grounds

Capitol Lake

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission today unveiled plans to rebuild a lake on the State Capitol Grounds.

The original Capitol lake was opened in 1954 and closed in the late 70’s to make way for a new state office building project. The original project was overseen by current state auditor Charlie Daniels, who even assisted in digging the original lake as part of his third state job.

“The original lake was one of my favorite projects to work on in my time with the state” Daniels says. “I supervised the work on the Capitol dome in my first state position, so it was exciting to get back out to the Capitol grounds. I am happy to see it being rebuilt, even if it means tearing down a building I personally approved later in my career.”

The new Capitol lake will sit in the same spot as the previous. The area is currently occupied by the 1 Capitol Mall building which houses Arkansas Parks and Tourism along with a number of other offices.

“Our goal has always been to make Arkansas a beautiful place to live,” Richard Davies, Executive Director of the Department of Parks and Tourism tells us.”Office buildings are ugly, and there are a number of other ones around town that are perfectly suitable for people to work. Meanwhile the Capitol is a symbol of Arkansas, why not surround it with a lake that reflects our natural beauty.”

The Game and Fish Commission expect the new lake to be completed by November 2014. Mark Darr’s office meanwhile has announced a series of campaign stops at gas stations to pay for his official Lt. Governor Party Yacht.


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Game and Fish Commission to Rebuild Lake on Capitol Grounds