Golden Corral Becomes the Little Rock Area’s Top Upscale Restaurant

Golden Corral of North Little Rock for the third consecutive year is the highest grossing restaurant in the Little Rock metropolitan area. This year however Golden Corral has been named the top Upscale restaurant, a category it has moved into with the recent addition of their chocolate fountain.

“This place was a complete dump before that chocolate fountain, along the same lines as a Shoney’s or Denny’s,” says restaurant guest Shamika Owens. “Then they added that chocolate fountain, really kicked up the class in this place. Every night is like a party in my mouth, especially when the set out the marshmallows.”

Since adding the chocolate fountain Golden Corral has seen their total gross receipts go up this year to $6.3 million from $6.2mil the year before. This easily tops the second highest upscale restaurant, Sonny Williams, which only managed $1.5mil in 2011.

Golden Corral’s new chocolate fountain and move into upscale dining has long standing upscale restaurants worried. “We can’t compete on anything. I truck fresh gulf shrimp in weekly, they sell it for $12.99, that doesn’t even cover my gas,” Brave New restaurant owner Peter Brave tells us. “Then they add that chocolate fountain, that thing is really cool. Hell I don’t even eat our signature crème brûlée anymore, neither do the guest, they just run by GC after they leave.”

Some upscale restaurant owners are planning on competing against Golden Corral however. Frank Fletcher, owner of River Front Steakhouse, Bennihanas, and newly acquired Ferneau says he will add “larger than life” chocolate fountains to all of his restaurants and car dealership lobbies by the end of May.


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Golden Corral Becomes the Little Rock Area’s Top Upscale Restaurant