Governor Hutchinson Releases State of the State Video, Promises for More Candy at Parades

Governor Asa Hutchinson today delivered his annual State of the State address this morning via video posted on the Governor’s official Facebook page. In it he vowed to decrease overall state government spending, provide new education initiatives, and ensure proper amounts of candy be available for distribution during all official parades across the state.

Traditionally the address is delivered to both legislative houses, there was no word from the Governor’s office why it was delivered via video this year or if it will continue. The Governor quickly hit on a number of key points during his 6 minute video filmed in the governor’s mansion bathtub, along with one final unexpected focus.

“We need to reduce government spending in the state. To do that I think we need to take a long look at the effectiveness of various agencies and consolidate and cut where needed,” Hutchinson says. “Finally, my biggest disappointment and largest agenda item is the proper lack of candy being distributed at various parades around the state. Just the other day I stopped by the pro-life rally and there was no f*$!ing(expletive removed) candy for the kids attending. We have to do something about this, it is just not right.”

The Governor went on to announce a special task force of both elected officials and high-profile citizens, including former boxing champion Jermain Taylor, to come up with a solution for the lack of candy.

Many legislative members expressed their confusion over the video.

“It almost came across like he was high or suffering a severe concussion during the video,” State Representative Nate Bell of Mena tells us.  “I could not understand half of what he said, but oh well. If the Governor wants candy we will work with local Mena parade organizers to make sure there is candy.”


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Governor Hutchinson Releases State of the State Video, Promises for More Candy at Parades