Greek Food Festival

Falafel sandwich
Falafel sandwich

One of the events I look forward to the most every year is the Greek Food Festival. The festival starts today (Friday, May 17) and goes through Sunday. If you have never been out before, it is certainly worth trying. If you have, then you need no encouragement to go back again. Oh, and because I have heard a lot of questions about it. Yes, this year they do take credit card payments at all food locations.

The food


If you have been before, the food never changes. Festival food can be a little under seasoned and mass produced. This is one of the better festival foods though that I have experienced.

There are the standards, but seriously, don’t go to the greek food festival and get a Gyro. That is about as unimaginative as going to an authentic mexican restaurant and ordering tacos, or honest to god Chinese and ordering sweet and sour chicken. They also have all Live a little please.

I recommend a few things. First if you have ever been scared of Falafel, just get over it and try it. They really are staple in Greece and Israel, excellent cultural food.

Second, Greeks know a thing or two about lamb. Really it is sort of like hamburger meat is to Americans. Try some lamb, you will not regret it. Get it on a stick, in a pita, or just grab a big hunk of meat and have at it. Forget the chicken or pork.

Finally the Pastitsio is a good choice for something that you don’t typically find in Mediterranean restaurants. It is sort of like a blind person tried to make hamburger helper and screwed that all up. Even so it is quite wonderful, although this is one food that is a little under seasoned compared to how a little Greek grandma would make it in her kitchen. The veggie version is not bad either, if you would rather munch on some grass, it is known as a Spanakopita.


Don’t expect much here, it is at a church after all. Expect your Pastitsio with a side of the authentic Greek juice known as Dr. Pepper.



Remember that pep talk earlier about branching out a little and trying non-typical things. Yeah, forget that here. Just go with the baklava. The sourota is just a round version and the kourambiethes is like eating an over done sugar cookie. These are all found inside the church, and a lot of people miss them. Venture inside, go past all the people trying to sell beaded night gowns and it will be in the back on a bunch of tables.

Again, overall this is our favorite festival food. Make it out there when you get a chance, should be great weather this weekend for it.


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Greek Food Festival