Local Woman Dead After Being Maliciously Attacked by a “Water Bug”


A Little Rock Hillcrest woman is dead after being attacked in her home late last night by a “water bug”.

Elaine Freeman, 30, was in the laundry room of her Hillcrest home when the 1 inch bug rushed from a dark corner, where it had been hiding, onto her pants leg. The insect began violently lashing out at Freeman, causing multiple injuries to her legs and abdomen. Freeman was later pronounced dead on the scene when paramedics arrived. Freeman leaves behind her husband and one kid.

“She went into the laundry room to grab a basket, and then I heard the commotion,” Freeman’s husband Joe tells us. “By the time I found her the bug had ripped off her pants and was making its way to her abdomen. It continued lashing out at her with those creepy little antennas. It all happened so fast and I was too late to do anything but save myself. So I ran into the yard screaming like a little girl until one of the neighbors called 911.”

Water bugs are typically non-violent in nature. The bugs are similar in every way to an American cockroach, but if found in the Hillcrest/Heights area of Little Rock are most certainly not cockroaches. Authorities are advising residents to be on the lookout for the bugs following this incident.

“The bugs are becoming increasingly aggressive toward area women and we urge people to take caution when encountering one,” the Little Rock Police Chief tells us. “The best advice when encountering one is to scream, stomp, and quickly jump on the nearest piece of furniture and remain there until it goes away. This has been proven as the only way to save yourself from a murderous water bug.”

The bug in question has been apprehended and will face arraignment later today. The Little Rock prosecuting attorney tells us that the state plans to pursue the death penalty, administered by stomping, in this case. No word yet on if this can be counted to Little Rock’s violent crime statistics for the year.



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Local Woman Dead After Being Maliciously Attacked by a “Water Bug”