Hundreds Arrested as Holiday Shoppers Begin Looting Stores During Black Friday Sales

LITTLE ROCK – Police say that hundreds of shoppers were arrested after looting and localized rioting broke out across several stores in the city late Thursday night and early Friday morning.

Officials say that most of the suspects were able to flee the area before police could make an arrest, still over three hundred shoppers were arrested. The Target store on University Ave appears to be the first store hit.

“We opened the doors this year at 6 p.m, by 5:30 we had over 400 shoppers lined up waiting in the cold,” Target employee Justin Winters tells us. “So we started handing out Pumpkin Spiced Lattes from our in store Starbucks. Many of the women waiting in line began to get hyped up. Finally one tackled a worker handing out lattes, chugged about 6 in a row, then jumped on top of the police car parked in the front and set it on fire. She began yelling at the other people in line to rush the store and take everything. It was insane.”

Police say the shoppers raided the store, filling shopping carts and setting all the men’s underwear racks on fire. Surveillance shows that the majority of the looters were white females aged 30-45.

After Target, police say a mass gang of mini vans with stick figure family window stickers began moving through the city to various black Friday store openings. Police setup road blocks in various Starbucks parking lots around the city to make a number of arrests, others were apprehended while stopping for chocolate chip pancakes at IHOP. Still, police say most remain at large.

“Black Friday shopping has always been more about the thrill for me than actual deals,” one fugitive at large from last night tells us. “This was the most fun ever. I got 3 new scarfs, a new pair of boots for my sister, a lego star wars set for my 8 year old, and a toilet brush I picked up off a woman who tripped. Most of my shopping is done and I didn’t spend a dime. Best Christmas ever.”

Target officials say that no refunds will be accepted for looted goods, however because of the looting they can assure shoppers that no credit card account information was stolen this year.

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Hundreds Arrested as Holiday Shoppers Begin Looting Stores During Black Friday Sales