Thousands of Birds Flock Around Clinton Center, Drawn in By Men With Beards

Wildlife management is looking into a mass migration of birds around the Clinton Presidential Center today. The flock of birds is estimated at over 450,000 at the time of posting.

The birds appear to be attracted to the attendees of Made By A Few, a local geek fest conference. “Most of the attendees are males, and some females, with significantly large beards,” a spokesperson for Game and Fish commission tells us. “The type of birds flocking tend to take over nest of other birds, from the best we can tell the birds are confusing the beards with nest and looking for places to lay their eggs.”

Made by a Few conference is in the second year and saw a large increase in attendees over last year. The large numbers seem to have brought birds in from as far as Wisconsin.

Wildlife officials expect the migration to move on once the conference is over, but do urge residents go avoid the river front area of North Little Rock due to the conference’s after party. Any attendees who find birds in their beards should wait for the eggs to hatch before trying to remove birds.

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Thousands of Birds Flock Around Clinton Center, Drawn in By Men With Beards