Jack T Stephens Jr.: No More Taco Tuesdays, Ladies’ Nights in Arkansas

Jack T. Stephens Jr. has expanded his lawsuit fighting the minimum wage initiative, claiming Taco Tuesdays and ladies’ nights should be banned in the state of Arkansas.

The latest pleadings come at the heels of Stephens’ lawsuit claiming the petition to have voters decide whether to increase the minimum wage from $6.25 to $8.50 didn’t have enough signatures and wasn’t turned in by the July 4 deadline.

Stephens, son of Stephens Inc. co-founder Jack Stephens, is a staunch conservative and supporter of the Tea Party.

His latest pleadings, filed this morning, claim no Mexican restaurant can offer $1 tacos and still make money, except for Taco Bell.

“If you are offering me a taco at a sit down restaurant for a dollar, I’m guessing it can’t be good for my body,” he said in an interview with Rock City Times. “Furthermore, how in the heck are people supposed to tip on a $3 bill? Fifteen percent of $3 is 60 cents. Ever left spare change for a waiter or waitress? Not cool, dude. Not cool.”

His lawsuit includes any restaurant that offers a taco, big or small, for $1 or less, and specifically names Gracie’s Lounge in North Little Rock, which has 50 cent tacos every Tuesday.

The lawsuit’s second amendment claims ladies nights are unconstitutional. A variety of federal lawsuits with similar claims have failed but state courts in California, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have ruled that ladies’ night discounts are unlawful gender discrimination under state or local statutes.

“If the women are getting free Jager bombs, who gets to pick up the tab?” Stephens Jr. pondered. “That’s right. Us dudes. Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

The Rock City Times attempted to contact Stephens’ brother Warren for comment on the legal amendments but the bartender at the 19th hole at the Alotian Club said Warren couldn’t speak because he was sulking over Jager Bombs and cheap tacos.

“He had a bad round of golf today,” the bartender said. “It happens to the best of us.”


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Jack T Stephens Jr.: No More Taco Tuesdays, Ladies’ Nights in Arkansas