Janitor Fired for Leaving Water Running in Bud Walton Arena Bathroom


The University of Arkansas today announced that after a thorough investigation into the Bud Walton Arena flooding they have concluded that the cause was an overflowing sink in a women’s bathroom, left on while cleaning.

University officials tell us that they have fired the janitor in question, 64 year old Llewellyn Smith, after the flooding incident last Friday. The flooding resulted in a total loss to the arena court.

“Bud Walton is faced with a unique problem being located at the bottom of the hill in Fayetteville, the area has the highest water pressure on campus,” UA Athletics Spokesperson Kevin Trainor tells us. “We stress the importance of being mindful of this when using the facility, this is a clear case of neglect. In fact this is the worst case of neglect that we have had since John Pelphrey let the campus’ sewage run down hill into the facility during his coaching tenure. We are still trying to clean that up.”

The basketball teams will begin practicing in Barnhill Arena. Practice times will be limited while they split time with Gymnastics and the senior adult aerobic class that currently use the arena.

University officials plan to install an artificial grass court to replace the damaged court in Bud Walton so that the football team can use it as an additional practice facility.


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Janitor Fired for Leaving Water Running in Bud Walton Arena Bathroom