Jason Rapert Proposes Using Nuclear Weapons to Clear Icy Streets

CONWAY – State Senator Jason Rapert issued a proposal today to the Arkansas Highway department to use strategic nuclear weapons as a way to clear winter precipitation from the state’s main roads.

Under the proposal, written on his senate Facebook page, the state of Arkansas would provide funding to plant strategic nuclear devices along Interstates 40, 30, and 49 to “annihilate the strongholds of ice on travel in this state.”

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Rapert went on to say in comments that he sees no negative outcomes from placing nuclear weapons, saying that as long as it is a tactical placement aimed just at the roads that human casualty should be a minimum.

This is the second time in a week that Rapert has proposed using nuclear weapons. Over the weekend Rapert suggested to use nuclear weapons to remove ISIS resistance pockets that exist across much of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

“For whatever reason we have under utilized nuclear weapons over the last half century,” Rapert says in a follow-up. “Take the roads for example. Nuking them now would warm the roads and prevent the icy empire for the next 50 years.”

Rapert was not the only one suggesting using nuclear weapons. A coalition of State Representative submitted a proposal following the Rapert comments to use a nuclear weapon against the town of Bigelow to prevent Arkansas from having to deal with future generations of Raperts and those that vote for them.


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Jason Rapert Proposes Using Nuclear Weapons to Clear Icy Streets