Jewelry Store Now Offers Women a Free Shotgun and Shovel with Wedding Ring Trade-In


A Stuttgart jewelry store has seen phenomenal success with their “Free shotgun with a ring” promotion. Now the jewelry store is offering a promotion to help the women in those relationships move on by offering a free shotgun and a shovel when they trade in their wedding rings.

For the past 2 years Wilkerson Jewelers in Stuttgart has been offering free shotguns to men who buy the woman of their choice an engagement ring from the store. In fact they have found that a lot of their buyers have gotten married just to get the free shotgun. Like all marriages though a number of them have ended poorly, so they decided to do something about it.

Several weeks ago we had an irate ex-wife come in yelling. We couldn’t quite understand everything she said, but I am certain it was “I’d love to take his free shotgun and blow that ducker away, then go plant a garden on top of what is left over”, that gave us the inspiration,” Wilkerson’s owner tells us. “Clearly a lot of women want to move on with their lives. They want to go duck hunting and plant gardens with the free time they have left, we want to help them do that.”

Many of the women we spoke with have found the offer to be very welcoming. One recent Rock City divorcee says she is glad someone understands what it takes sometimes for a woman to move on, and will certainly take the store up on their offer.

Along with the promotion they store is giving a care package filled with a 2 skinny girlĀ margaritas, a bottle of hand sanitizer, rubber gloves, a bottle of carpet cleaner, and maps to area swamps. “A girl has to move on and keeping the house clean is always a chore. Many also want to go duck hunting in the area but are unsure of where to go, we find swamps to be excellent places to drop a few mallards.” the owner tells us.

The promotion is set to start next week and will run through the end of 2014. Copies of divorce papers are required for the promotion.


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Jewelry Store Now Offers Women a Free Shotgun and Shovel with Wedding Ring Trade-In