Justin Bieber Arrested at SXSW for Driving a Pedicab While Intoxicated

AUSTIN – Pop singer Justin Bieber was arrested last night after a surprise appearance in Austin for the annual South By Southwest Festival (SXSW).

Numerous reports on Twitter stated that Bieber was kicked out of several Austin bars due to being underage following the performance. One report said that Bieber became irate and threw a bar stool after failing to get his alcohol fix.

“We are not sure at what point he finally gained entry to a bar,” Austin police officer James Trivette tells us. “When we picked him up he had Miley Cyrus’ drivers license on him, we believe that is the ID he used to finally order from the bar. They really look a lot alike.”

Following several hours of drinking Bieber, along with members of his entourage, stole two nearby pedicabs. According to witnesses Bieber drove the pedicabs through foot traffic on 6th street, knocking over several street performers.

Bieber then turned down Lavaca Street and raced the other pedicab down the street, hitting several cars and reaching speeds of 12 mph, before crashing into the side of Austin City Hall on the corner of Lavaca and 2nd street.

“We were able to immediately apprehend Bieber following the crash,” Trivette said. “He had a high blood alcohol level and smelled oddly like gravy and cheese. We are still not sure about the smell, but we booked him on operating a street vehicle while under the influence in addition to theft of the stolen pedicabs.”

Bieber has not commented on the incident. The SXSW festival has offered to influence the city to drop the charges if Bieber promises to not ruin their music festival again.



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Justin Bieber Arrested at SXSW for Driving a Pedicab While Intoxicated