Kansas City Fan Bets Both Kidneys on Royals Winning the Series

KANSAS CITY – A Royals fan made the ultimate sports bet Monday by putting both kidneys on Kansas City winning the world series.

Quincy Archibald, 42 from Branson, MO, bet the black market value of each kidney on the Royals two possible remaining World Series games. Archibald contacted a black market organ dealer to receive to coordinate the money and the organ exchange for the bet.

“I was 16 when my dad took me to game seven of the Royals World Series win in ’85. I always said I would give anything to experience that again. I am just surprised like everyone else to have the opportunity.” Archibald tells us. “So I decided to do just that. I got two perfectly fine kidneys. I decided to bet one on each game. If they lose in game seven I at least will live to tell about it. If they lose tonight, well I am am short two kidneys.”

The Royals are favored to win in tonight’s game against the Giants. Most analyst point to the strong late series pitching lineups for the Royals as an advantage come back from a one game deficit and win the series.

Archibald says he has never bet on sports before, and found a place to bet the value of his kidneys through SportsBettingAcumen.com. He hopes to make tonight’s game to cheer on his team and his kidneys.

“The kidneys are valued at around $125,000 each, so if we win I will be both I will be the happiest fan in the world,” Archibald says. “I am just happy to have something to bet on. Imagine all those Cubs fans over the years who would love to give up a few organs for even a World Series trip.”

This comes in a long line of wild sports bets. One of the most dramatic being current Razorback coach Bret Bielema making a bet with a young woman in Las Vegas that the Wisconsin Badgers would make it to a third consecutive Rose Bowl. Bielema and his new wife were married a year later.


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Kansas City Fan Bets Both Kidneys on Royals Winning the Series